The statue that moved infront of me.

I pretty much see this ordinary statue every days, twice, on the way to work and on the way back. Anyway, this day just felt strange to me. I didn’t have luch so I stopped in the park for a sandwich and a drink. For some reason that I can not explain I glance at the statue and well technecally i didn;t cause there was nothing there!! It was like nothing was there in the first place. I blink and it’s back! Howww!  (Well this part is typical ), I grabbed everything and sprinted to the car in an instant but i realised I left my…..part 2 soon

One thought on “The statue that moved infront of me.”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Joenesh. I liked that you chose to tell your story in a first person voice. It made you text seem like a recount. I found the concept of a statue that disappeared in the blink of an eye intriguing. Then you left me wondering what will happen in part 2? To improve your writing, I suggest you re-read, and edit before you publish (or ask a friend to help you). Readers appreciate accurate spelling, and punctuation, because it makes a text easy to read, and understand. 😊

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